May 2022

+ SALES QUOTE DASHBOARD - Add "new" badge to the "Extensions" icon on the left

a) sort the "new" extensions so they are first on the list. 

+ SALES FORECAST - Allocating a quote to a month stopped working, patched to repair functionality

+ SALES QUOTE EDITOR - ROW TOOL BAR - Change to position of row tool bar to improve usability

- API - EMAIL TRANSMISSION CONTROLLER - Prevent mischeivious users creating scripts to send emails and spam people


Apr 2022

+ EMAIL CAMPAIGN - TEST EMAIL BUTTON - added re-captcha to the test email send button to stop mischeivious users creating scripts to send emails and spam people

+ USER ACTIVATION - When you are a new user and your account is not activated because you did not click on the link the login page says "wrong password", which is misleading - changed to "You have not activated your account, please check your email for an activation link, or speak to your system administrator to ask for it to be resent"

+ IMAGE LIBRARY - Images are sorted alphabetically in thumbnail view now, instead of by date created.

+ TEXT LIBRARY - The tool bars for Tables and Images do not appear so you cannot amend any settings here, patched software to make operational again.

+ SALES QUOTE EDITOR - VIDEO WDIGET - Allow the customer to upload a video file MP4 etc and have our own player.  Also allow user to upload a thumbnail image for the video. Note uploading videos to your account will add to your storage costs, please be careful when uploading videos to check file size.

+ UX - ROW MENU - If you have the a text block active (Text editor nav bar is on) and click the icon to show the Row tool bar - then click back in the text area - the Row tool bar does not collapse, patched software to prevent this issue.

+ SALES QUOTE VIEWER - PRICING TABLE View - removed horizontal lines in totals area

+ EMAIL CAMPAIGN EDITOR - editor widget icons out of place or missing

+ SALES PROCESS WORKFLOW - After approving a quote the software logs you out, patched software to prevent this

+ SALES QUOTE EDITOR - TABLE STYLES - added a no cell/row borders option

+ COVER PAGE EDITOR - Add widget drop down menu user interface updated to newer standard

+ SALES QUOTE EDITOR - IMAGE SETTINGS - no longer showing the delete image button if there is no image uploaded yet

+ SALES QUOTE VIEWER - MOBILE VIEW - Scroll not working

+ SALES QUOTE EDITOR - FORMS - Add save to forms content library button back to the toolbar, disappeared after UI upgrades

+ SALES QUOTE EDITOR - ROW/COLUMN TOOLBARS - Usability update - add glowing dot to highlight the Row/Inner Row or Column/Inner Column active for tool bar options.

+ SALES QUOTE EDITOR - COLUMN BACKGROUND - Adding colour to one column adds to other columns in a row if more than one column set in a row.

+ SALES QUOTE EDITOR - TOOLBARS - Up and Down arrows not working on cover page - patched and released.

+ SALES QUOTE EDITOR - COVER PAGE - Add "text" and "image" widgets to new row menu options (bring inline with main editor)

+ PDF CONTENT LIBRARY LIBRARY - Added the ability to give PDF files an alias so users can set a friendly name for a file, previously the folder tree would list PDF files using the file name, this was not always user friendly.

+ SALES QUOTE DASHBOARD - NOTIFICATIONS - make notification clickable

+ SALES QUOTE EDITOR - when you hover on a content block the tool bars do not show if you have moved your mouse over the insert plus bar first.


Feb 2022

+ SUBSCRIPTION BILLING CONTROLLER - Allow QuoteCloud customers to choose Annual payments

+ CREATE QUOTE / USE TEMPLATE FROM QC WEBSITE - When you use a public template, or register an account from a public template it is not bringing through the font settings from the template e.g. font size; thgis was updated and released to nicely handle settings from public library templates.

+ PRODUCT CATALOGUE - The Icons over the image thumbnails are white and too hard to see, change to impove usability

+ SALES QUOTE EDITOR / SALES QUOTE VIEWER - Page background colour / image

a) update the system to make all widgets transparent - currently coded to set to white #fff - this will allow the page background colour to be seen through a widget

b) add a new option to page settings: default content block background colour - default is transparent

+ SALES QUOTE EDITOR - When sorting a row or widget - the tool bar immediately collapses - meaning you have to click on the button to expand the tool bar in order to sort the item up or down again. Updated the user interface to improve this and leave expanded

+ SALES QUOTE DASHBOARD - Add new column "Customer last viewed", "Number of views"

a) add new column to db 

c) if no date - or null - do not show a date show hyphen  (centered)

+ COVER PAGE EDITOR - "remove background settings" is not showing unless you save and refresh the page; updated to improve the user experience so refresh is not required


Jan 2022

+ PAGE BACKGROUND COLOUR -  added a new option to set a default row background colour/transparent.

+ SALES QUOTE EDITOR - WYSIWYG - If you apply a border radius to a row - it does not appear in the editor (does in viewer), improved user interface to make more WYSIWYG

+ SALES QUOTE EDITOR - WYSIWYG - when you add an overlay (colour) to a column - it does not fill on the editor - but does fill in the viewer; improved the editor for a more WYSIWIG experience

+ SALES QUOTE EDITOR - WYSIWYG - when you change margin/padding settings on a content block or column or row - it does not immediately effect the editor, if you save and preview you can see the change though.  Updated software for a more WYSIWYG experience


+ SETTINGS - Add switch to hide the option for sales quote recipient to download as PDF

+ SALES QUOTE EDITOR - COVER PAGE EDITOR - Add the Un-splash feature to the cover page library with crop tool to crop to correct page size -

+ QUOTE CLOUD API - Released new native API's and documentation on the QuoteCloud website; these are available as an alternative to using Zapier

December 2021

Sales Quote Editor

PDF FILES AND IMAGE FILES - When adding a PDF and file-size is too big - previously we do not inform the user, we just abandonded the file upload;  now we need to elegantly handle the event and inform the user what they should do. The following processes were improved: a) PDF library;  b) Add adhoc PDF in Sales Quote Editor;  c) create sales quote from PDF;  d) we applied the same update when uploading images also (image library, add image, create quote from image);  e) the max file size has also been increase from 12mb to 100mb (we do not recommend uploading images larger than10mb as the upload wait time maybe too long for users with a slower internet connection.

Sales Quote Editor

Content Libraries

PDF LIBRARY - Previously you could not assign a friendly name to a PDF in the PDF Content library; so the name appearing in the sales quote editor was always the filename, we now provide the option to give a friendly name - this friendly name (or alias) will show instead of the file-name in the content library folder tree displayed when in the Sales Quote Editor.

November 2021

Sales Quote Editor, System Settings

FONT BOOK - a new feature is available to allow the system administrator to upload your own font family. These additional fonts can the be used in your sales quotes and sales quote templates along with the built-in fonts available in QuoteCloud. This feature is particularly useful for organisations that have purchased a font for use in all corporate material and need QuoteCloud to use the same font family for documents.

Sales Quote Editor

PRICE TABLE - a new toggle switch has been added to price tables that allow the sales consultant to preview the price table as it would appear to the customer, and toggle back to edit mode. this saves from performing a complete save and preview of the entire document in order to just see how a price table will present to a customer.

Sales Quote Editor

PRICE TABLE - Add the ability to change the column labels by hovering over the label on the price table in the editor

Sales Quote Editor

TEAM EDITING - Updates to the Team Editing Controller to not open a document if it is already being edited by someone - an on screen alert will appear on the sales quote dashboard instead. This update prevents wasted server processing time.

Sales Quote Editor

WYSWIG updates - the entire User Interface has been upgraded to improve the "what you see is what you get" while editing content to reduce the need to save & preview the sales quote.

System Settings

COMPANY DISCOUNT SETTINGS - updated to not allow the threshold feature to be used for Margin or Markup - it is only available for Discount a) do not show the Threshold field in the type field is set to any other value than "Discount" b) if the user changes the type field from discount, then remove the threshold value and hide the field - do not allow a value to be saved in threshold if the type is set to margin or markup

System Settings

ZAPIER - Upgrade to new version of the Zapier platform (rest version)


PAYMENT PLUGIN - new features: a) add a new "Apply a Discount when paying online" which can be a value or a percentage, default is 0 (zero) b) add a new toggle switch "Prompt for Gratuity (tip), before processing payment", by default this is "off". c) if the "gratuity" flag is "on" then show an input field for "Gratuity message prompt" where the user can type the message they want to appear next to the Gratuity amount field. d) on the payment modal the input field for the recipient (ie the end customer) can be either a value or Percentage for the tip. e) in the email sent for the payment this must detail the amount of "tip paid", seperate from the amount of the quote already shown in the email

Content Libraries

PDF LIBRARY - PDF library now has the ability to create sub-folders to organise a large content library.

Content Libraries

PRODUCT CATALOGUE - add new URL field to allow product image to be clickable to an external URL

Content Libraries

PRODUCT CATALOGUE - add new URL field to allow product image to be clickable to an external URL

October 2021

Sales Quote Editor

PDF WIDGET - if a PDF that is uploaded to a sales proposal/quote and has a password it broke the sales quote viewer, now it auto sets the PDF to download button not rendered inline

Sales Quote Editor

User Interface upgrade - the entire User Interface has been overhauled to be more WYSWYIG with current standard for UX design.

Sales Quote Editor

TEAM EDITING - Changed the Team Editing controller to option to not open a document if it is already being edited by someone else - the software will now just show the alert without first loading the document this improvement saves time and prevents unnecessary download and server-side processing.

Sales Quote Editor

LOCKED TEXT BLOCK - removed the pink background to indicate the content block is not editable

Sales Quote Editor

PRICE TABLES - PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENTS - load times have been reduced when processing to render a large number of price line items (in multiple price tables)

Sales Quote Viewer

Removed white background behind the section tabs on the left for cosmetic improvements and preparation for future updates to the sales quote viewer

Sales Quote Viewer

Removed padding so document bleeds edge to edge in the body content area, this is done in preparation for more improvements in the future.

Sales Quote Editor

COPY AND PASTE TEXT - Updated copy/paste controller to keep the formatting when you copy and paste from one text block to another. Note: this will also allow copy and paste from websites that might have undesired outcome if script from webpages manages to get into the document content.


CREATE DOCUMENT WIZARD - load time improvements using local storage, this has dramatically reduced the load time when initiate the create sales quote modal.

Sales Quote Editor

When the price table is switched off (ie no price section), the sales quote editor will no longer default to opening in the price section of the document, instead the default will be to the first section of the sales quote (if available).

Sales Quote Viewer

A new feature to get a "share" url link to open a sales quote/proposal, this allows sales consultants to email from their own email account, or share through another communications channel e.g. iMessage, Slack, etc.

Email Campaign

The legacy method of attaching a sales quote to an email campagin has been replaced with the new "share" link feature. If a sales consultant would like to bulk send a sales quote template, use the "share" function when editing a template.

September 2021


If a customer moves from business plan to solo or free - they must first delete users so only one user exists.

Sales Forecast

LIST VIEW - Change the column "Status" to show the word instead of the icon, so it is consistent with the sales quote dashboard.

Sales Quote Dashboard

CREATE SALES QUOTE WIZARD - SALES QUOTE STYLE TAB - Added a toggle switch for page orientation to filter the cover pages available, also add drop down for page size to set the page size and filter the cover pages available to select. See screenshot in slack that shows where to add this toggle switch and drop down.

Sales Quote Dashboard

Stop the transparent overlay from displaying of the slide out right panels

Sales Quote Dashboard

POPUP STATUS MESSAGE BOXES - Addition of "Company Name" and "Contact Name" (and if there is a value show phone number) to the message boxes that appear in the bottom right of the page. Previously only have Quote Number was displayed

Sales Quote Dashboard

CREATE SALES QUOTE WIZARD - New feature to upload your own cover page image from your local drive (crop using the same crop tool as is in the cover page library).

Sales Quote Editor

Addition of a "Cogs" icon in bottom left corner of section tabs, this opens the side modal to allow the user to make changes to the Section Tab Format settings

Sales Quote Editor

Addition of a Toggle Switch to bottom left of tab bar to allow use to switch on or off the Section Tabs in the sales quote viewer.

Sales Quote Editor

Removed the gap between the text tool bar and the row tool bar - leaving only 1 px gap to minimise the space required for the tool bars

Sales Quote Editor

The function to add an Adhoc Image has bee updated - when uploading an image but then "cancel" before uploading the image, was leaving an empty content block in the row that you cannot get remove of unless deleting the entire row

Sales Quote Editor

MORE.... - DOCUMENT SETTINGS - "Sales Quote Expire Date" now available in this modal

Sales Quote Editor

Addition of new toggle switches on the Section Tabs to hide cover page and price table sections (easy access directly on the section tab instead of navigating to page settings)

Sales Quote Editor

BUG FIX - PAGE SETTINGS - Headings Section - headings, body formatting - if you change the settings, e.g. uppercase, bold, underline - the first time it shows correctly in the editor, but change a second time it does not update the editor.

Sales Quote Editor

COVER PAGE SECTION - Navigation: a) the "more..." button now displays the same sub-menu as the other sections b) removed the icons for Payment Settings, Custom Fields and Page Settings as these covered in the More.. menu c) added the "text library" icon to the tool bar in cover page section to allow users to add text blocks to cover pages d) added the "image library" icon to the tool bar in the cover page section to allow users to add images to cover page section

Sales Quote Editor, Sales Quote Viewer

The formatting of Headings in text blocks was not exactly the same the text formatting in edit mode and view mode is now identical

Sales Quote Viewer

DATA ENTRY FORMS - DATE PICKER - when displaying a sales quote on a touch device such as iPhone or tablets the native date picker was not being initiated.

Template Manager

NEW TEMPLATE CREATION - the legacy "fixed layout" for cover pages has been depreciated not the cover pages will only use the normal editor to manage content overlaid on top of the background cover page image.

July & August 2021

Sales Quote Editor, Sales Quote Dashboard

Page size selection improvements: a) increased the available page size options to include Ledger, Legal, Letter, previously only A4 was available; b) when creating a quote the wizard will automatically set the page size and orientation based on the cover page that you select; c) the cover page library now displays a badge on the thumbnail informing the user of the page size i.e. A4, Letter, Legal, Ledger; d) in the Sales Quote Editor, the user can directly access the administration of the cover page library from the editor, if their security role allows; e) when creating a sales quote the cover page content will automatically adjust to fit; f) if you change the page size - the software will automatically adjust the content blocks of the cover pages; g) added the ability to open the cover page library from the "cover page" tab three dots on to right corner; h) when creating a new quote from a template, the template will have a preset page size and page orientation, the cover pages display to choose would respect this setting and only show the cover pages that would work; i) when using a blank quote in the create quote wizard, we should set the page orientation and page size based on the cover page selected. (we show all available cover pages).

Sales Quote Editor, Template Manager

COVER PAGE SETTINGS - all settings for cover pages are now available at sales quote template and sales quote level

Sales Quote Editor, Extensions/Plugins

CURRENCY SELECTION - is now available when the Payments Plugin is installed, previously multi currency was not available when the Payments Plugin was in use.

Sales Quote Dashboard

ACCOUNT SECURITY - A limit of 6 login Attempts before a user account will be locked, an unlock link is available for real users to unlock their account can be sent to their email address

Sales Quote Editor

PRICE TABLE: Changed the label "One-off" to "Repeating Cost" and reverse the checkbox, ie so it is ticked when a repeating cost, instead of ticked when a one-off cost. the value stored in the database remains the same to ensure all existing sales quotes and templates. integration is not affected.

Sales Quote Editor

Added support for more paper sizes (for PDF format): a) Letter (8.5 x 11 inches), Legal (8.5 x 14 inches) and Ledger (11 x 17 inches) formats; b) cover pages also understand the paper sizes and will attempt to switch to a suitable cover page if the sales consultant changes the page size; c) cover page thumbnails - a "badge" has been added to the thumbnail to indicate the paper size.

Sales Quote Dashboard

ACCOUNT SECURITY CONTROLLER - Added a limit of password forgot requests from the same IP address within 1 hour to 3 requests.

System Settings

ACCOUNT SECURITY CONTROLLER - Added option "never" to the reset password setting - meaning sales consultants will not need to reset your login after x months, this is also the default for all new accounts created.

System Settings

NEW ACCOUNT CREATION - implemented a new mechanism of email verification - where new users can verify their email later, however cannot send a quote until the email is verified

Sales Quote Editor

SECTION TABS - previously when you clicked on a tab the title of the section sits under the grey tool bar at the top so you cant see it, this has been adjusted so the section title will show now.

Sales Quote Editor

PRICE TABLES - BUG - The discount column was rounding to nearest whole number, this has been fixed to correctly display decimal values.

Sales Quote Dashboard

BUG - CREATE QUOTE WIZARD - The system templates (public Library) was missing "more..." drop down for additional categories of industry templates.

Sales Quote Dashboard

NEW ACCOUNT CREATION - Quick register using Google Account is now available

Sales Quote Dashboard

NEW ACOUNT START UP WIZARD - Automated the local and timezone settings on start, to avoid prompting new users for information that can be automated.

Sales Quote Editor

E-SIGNATURE WIDGET - to create a more WYSIWYG experience, the sales quote editor now renders the electronic signature content block as it would show in the sales quote viewer. The e-signature settings are now on the tool bar cogs icon.

Sales Quote Editor

PRICE TABLES - If you change a column label in the price table settings, the sales quote editor will also now show that new column label, previously only the sales quote editor displayed varied column labels.

Sales Quote Editor

PRICE TABLE SETTINGS - Setting of the NOTES styling in the price table settings was not working - it did not actually apply the styling to the price table when you previewed it.

Sales Quote Editor

PRICE TABLE - Removed the line border above the notes row in a price line item.

Content Libraries

SALES QUOTE TEMPLATE LIBRARY - A new library of sales quote and sales proposal templates is now available on the QuoteCloud website. Customer can browse the library and create a new account using any template published.

Sales Quote Viewer

Input fields have been tagged for smartphones and tablets to show the most appropriate keyboard layout for input fields, e.g. numeric pad for number input fields: a) sales quote forms, numeric, currency fields b) price table - quantity field c) email address (sales quote "forward email" feature) d) payment modal

June 2021

System Settings

DEFAULT SALES QUOTE PRICE TABLE SETTINGS - previously if you changed the price table footer content, it changed existing quotes this behaviour has been changed so that only new sales quotes created are affect with the default price table settings.

System Settings

CUSTOM PRICE FIELDS - New feature - it is now possible to create additional price fields(in custom fields feature) and add them to the price table, these additional prices will be added to the normal price and multiplied by the qty. This new feature creates the ability to have up to 10 additional prices added to a price table for each line item.

Sales Quote Editor

TEXT CONTENT BLOCKS & EMBEDDED DATA ITEMS - if you have a embedded data item "total cost" in a text block or spreadsheet, and there are price tables that have price line options, when you select a price option the total cost value previously was not automatically updated. This has been improved so that when a customer selects price options form price tables the "total cost" data item if in a text or spreadsheet block will now auto-update as price options are selected

Sales Quote Editor

PDF PAGE HEADER/FOOTER - copy and paste of Image in a text block was breaking the process to generate the PDF format of a sales quote.

Sales Quote Editor

PDF PAGE HEADER/FOOTER - Add Image widget was not working

Sales Quote Viewer

SALES QUOTE ORDER APPROVAL PROCESS - performance improvements have been developed to reduce the time to process an order approval with e-signatures.

Sales Quote Viewer

The default cover page content box (lower) has been modified to format the same as the top content box i.e. solid colour background with white colour text.

Sales Quote Dashboard

EMPTY TRASH BIN - A "Close" button has been added to the left of the "Empty Trash bin" red button. Previously it was not obvious to the user how to close the trash bin view and return to the normal dashboard.

Sales Quote Editor

PDF PAGE HEADER/FOOTER - Add Image widget was not working

Sales Quote Dashboard

TRASH BIN - When using the feature to select mutiple rows, the action to delete the selected rows has been added to the "Action" menu.

Sales Quote Dashboard

TRASH BIN - Row selector, added the feature to use CTRL and SHIFT keys to select multiple rows.

Sales Quote Editor, Sales Quote Viewer

The default cover page content box (lower) has been modified to format the same as the top content box i.e. solid colour background with white colour text.

Sales Quote Editor, Sales Quote Viewer

ORDER NOW - OPTIONAL LINE ITEMS / CUSTOMER CAN CHANGE QTY - When using the "ORDER NOW" button from the Save & Preview function was not allowing the sales consultant/customer select price table options, this has now been resolved.


May 2021

+ EMAIL CAMPAIGN - BUTTON WIDGET - Change label "Label Colour" to "Label Text Colour"

+ SALES QUOTE DASHBOARD - Added a new column for "Sales Quote Date Sent/Resent" 

+ MOBILE USER INTERFACE - Improvements to the Mobile Device User interface experience for the sales quote viewer, for e-signatures, payments, and order approval processing.  

+ ESIGNATURES - If you have multiple places in a sales quote to e-sign and either you are named to sign multiple places, or it is set to anyone to sign, you need to currently get multiple verification codes for each e-signature - this has been changed so that a customer only needs to verify once based on their session.

+ SMTP SETUP - Setup My Domain previously allowed the account administrator to you create SMTP details that do not work, this has now been prevented by sending a verification email.

+ SALES QUOTE DASHBOARD - NOTES FEATURE - a system notice is now added to the notes for a sales quote when payments are made by a customer, including the payment amount, customer information and the payment transaction ID

+ SALES QUOTE DASHBOARD - NOTES - more information about an esignature event as been added to the notes history for a sales quote.  This information now includes sales quote recipient that e-signed, date and time, esign ID, IP address, etc i.e. everything that appears on the esign certificate.

+ CUSTOMER PAYMENTS - when using the "order now" feature available in the sales quote "save & preview" function, QuoteCloud will now send the payment confirmation to the primary recipient.  The email generated with payment confirmation details, alsop has the sales quote PDF attached, payment ref id, payment amount, (and currency), payment date, sales quote reference identification, sales quote title, sales quote subtitle, customer company name, recipients names, and email addresses.

April 2021

+ SALES QUOTE DASHBOARD - Introduce Web Sockets instead of polling 
a) convert the team editing feature to use web sockets
b) quote comments feature - to show in browser alert while logged into QuoteCloud
c) notifications in browser - e.g. quote opened, accepted, etc
d) email campaigns - show notification when the campaign is sent completed

March 2021

+ SALES QUOTE EDITOR / VIEWER - If the section titles on the left column exceed the height of the browser window you cannot get to the bottom sections that are off screen, improvements to allow scolling of the section titles seperately from the main cotent body

+ SALES QUOTE EDITOR - SAVE AND PREVIEW - previously a sales consultant would need to send a sales proposal/quote to a customer, to be able to use the "order now" feature (order now is used when the sales consultant is with their customer and can approve the order with the customer.  The order now feature has been updated to allow a sales proposal/quote to be immediately approved while the sales consultant is with the customer, with esign and payment processing also available (if used in a sales proposal/quote) without needing to send the quote to the customer.

+ SALES QUOTE EDITOR - The price line description field can be configured to get a value from a spreadsheet in the sales proposal/quote.  This feature uses the same method as used for getting a product price for a line item, learn more here.

+ EMAIL CAMPAIGN MANAGER - a duplicate campaign feature is now available to easily copy an entire campaign setup.

+ USER SECURITY CONTROLLER - new settings added to User Roles (added to a new tab for "CAMPAIGNS"):

a) Allow access to manage audience data
b) Allow access to campaign manager
c) Allow access to campaign company template manager


i) all Legacy (existing ROLES) the above settings are all ON

ii) for new QUOTECLOUD registrations the "Administrator" Role will have all the above settings as ON

iii) for new QUOTECLOUD registrations the "Consultant" Role will have all the above settings as ON, except for Company Template Manager

i) logic for the above settings you can have b) ON and c) OFF but you cannot have C) ON if b) is OFF

+ MARKUP/DISCOUNT CONTROLLER - If you set 0 in the Discount Threshold field it seems to create a bad confusing/experience for first time users when configuring discount rules and then creating pricing tables in sales proposals/quotes; 0 is no longer allowed in the threshold field, as it immediately triggers a discount in a sales quote.

+ SALES QUOTE EDITOR - update to the content libraries, the "manage" button (icon with three dots) now has a drop down with options to "Add/Edit Library", and "Refresh Library".

+ SALES QUOTE CREATION / EDITOR - QuoteCloud now allows the sales consultant to create multiple sales proposal/quote recipients capturing first name, last name, email address, phone number, for each person,  these data items are also available to embed as data items in a sales quote.

+ SALES QUOTE DASHBOARD - New onscreen event alerts.  Green message boxes will appear in the bottom right of the dashboard when important events occur, such as sales proposa/quote recipient opens, read, approves, signs, or pays.  Other events include a sales proposal/quote recipient opening an expired sales proposal/quote 

+ CREATE SALES QUOTE WIZARD - Added the option to select no cover page in step 2

+ EMAIL CAMPAIGNS - EMAIL EDITOR - previously there were multiple buttons (the big grey plus) (insert content block) buttons in between every row,now there is just one insert widget button at the bottom of the content page.  this makes the content page less cluttered when designing the email message content

+ SALES QUOTE EDITOR  - PRICE TABLE SETTINGS - new option to change column labels in a specific price table

+ SALES QUOTE EDITOR - PRICE TABLE SETTINGS - new option to change field labels for a specific price table

+ SALES QUOTE EDITOR - PRICE TABLE SETTINGS - new option to change style settings for a specific price table, e.g.label and data font sizes, colours, borders, etc

+ FORM BUILDER PLUGIN - New software extension available to build forms into your sales proposals/quotes - this software extension provides the functionality to add multiple forms to your sales proposals/quotes.  Forms can be simple or complex with all data types available, e.g. text, number, date, checkbox, radio buttons, upload files, etc.

+ When setting currency for a sales proposal/quote to "Indian Rupee" and the profit margin widget is showing, it the currency value does not put commas and decimal points in, just one long number.  the format has been improved to make reading the currency number easier for users

+ EMAIL CAMPAIGNS - added the ability to link a sales quote to an email campaign, for a bulk sales quote send to an audience 

a)  fadded a "Create Sales Order" button to the Email Editor

b) the sales quote editor when used from an email campaign is the normal SQE but will not create a sales proposal/quote on the sales consultants dashboard.  Instead it will create a new type of "Sales Order Template".

d) the Sales Quote Viewer has been updated to understand the new type of sales proposal/quote from an email campaign.  The sales quote recipient (customer) can view the sales quote attached to an email as normal, however when they approve, it will create a sales quote on the sales consultants dashboard as an "accepted" or "Accepted e-signed" order (if an esignature is used in the sales proposal/quote).

e) the sales quote viewer also understands embedded data items, as this will work differently when sending from a campaign. i.e. customer name will come from the Audience data, some other data items may not work for a bulk send as these sales quote are created through the normal Sales Quote Create Wizard.

f) as a recipient - when I accept a sales quote, I am prompted for my details, (default the email address):

i) first name, last name

ii) company name

iii) email address

iv) phone number

v) address

+ DISCOUNT CONTROLLER -  the number of e qty discount breaks  has been increased from 5 to 10. 

+ EMAIL AUDIENCE -  It is not possible to download a sample import file, making it difficult for sales consultants (quotecloud users) to workout the correct format of the CSV file to prepare an import file containing contacts to add to an audience

December 2020

+ SALES QUOTE DASHBOARD - increased use of local storage to improve load time of the sales quote dashboard

+ SALES PROPOSAL / SALES QUOTE EDITOR - Password protect a sales proposal, so that when a recipient opens a sales proposal, they must use a password that you give to them.  This is an optional extra security layer that you can add to your highly sensitve sales proposals.

+ COVER PAGE LIBRARY - UI update - modal page width increaed to 100% width to maximise the view of coverpage thumbnails

Quotecloud Software Extensions

+ New software plugin release to build forms in sales proposals / quotes. Software allows for custom made online form data collection when a customer approves a sales proposals/quotes.  Sales Consultants can also save forms to a forms content library to reuse in other sales proposals / quotes.


October 2020

+ SALES PROPOSAL / SALES QUOTE EDITOR - When Team Editing is active, QuoteCloud now locks a sales proposal / quote while a user is editing, then if another user attempts to edit the same quote, QuoteCloud will alert the other user that is currently editing that sales proposal / quote, to ask them if they would like to let the other person take over editing

+ SALES QUOTE REVISIONS - If a customer opens on an old sales proposal / quote that has been revised, the system will inform the customer - that this quote has been revised, and ask would they like to open the current version? YES / NO

System Rules:

a) check that the customer is still on the recipient list for the sales proposal / quote, if they are not the recipient for the revised sales proposal / quote, they cannot open the new revised sales quote, instead just show the information screen to inform the customer that the sales proposal / quote has expired. 

b) if the customer clicks the link to view the new quote, then don't send the customer is viewing an revised quote.

c) make sure this does not affect the check for expired quotes, that error is different to the revised quote.

+ SALES QUOTE DASHBOARD - Websockets added for live chat and active sales quote editor session 

+ SALES QUOTE DASHBOARD - Fixed Bugs with setting up your own domain to send sales proposals / quotes from

+ SALES QUOTE DASHBOARD - Added additional Google Address lookup to address type input fields

+ SALES QUOTE DASHBOARD - Additional browser support for drag and drop videos in Sales Quote Editor

+ SALES QUOTE DASHBOARD - New background save and load process for Sales Quote Rditor 

+ SALES QUOTE DASHBOARD - Sales Quote Dashboard Speed and stability improvements

+ SALES QUOTE DASHBOARD - Ability to choose a default sales proposal / quote template

+ SALES QUOTE DASHBOARD - Save proposal creation wizard improvements to look and feel

+ SALES QUOTE DASHBOARD - Order now button now defaultes to "on" in sales proposal / quotes templates

+ SALES QUOTE DASHBOARD - New sales proposal / quote status for "delivered" on the Sales Quote Dashboard

+ SALES QUOTE DASHBOARD - Email Campaign Editor iUser Interface improvements

+ SALES QUOTE DASHBOARD - New Help Tooltip based tutorial topics database

+ SALES QUOTE DASHBOARD - New drag and drop experience for pricing tables in the Sales Quote Editor

+ SALES QUOTE DASHBOARD - Improved session stability for user logins, to maintain and active user session when logged into QuoteCloud

+ SALES QUOTE DASHBOARD - Added intercom Live Chat service 

+ SALES QUOTE DASHBOARD - Updated the Sales Quote Dashboard with the ability to mark multiple sales proposal / quotes as lost at the same time (bulk update)

+ SALES QUOTE DASHBOARD - Fixed issues when deleting old sales proposals / quotes

+ SALES QUOTE DASHBOARD - Fixed issue adding custom email setting to your user account


September 2, 2020 release

+ EMAIL CAMPAIGN EDITOR - new option allow a hyperlink on an image when using the image widget

+ PRICE TABLE - when a hyperlink exists in sales proposal / quote price line notes field that contains &, the PDF format of the sales proposal / quote would fail to generate, this has now been fixed.

+ SALES QUOTE EDITOR - Adding a new helper text on a "Row widget", pointing to the tab bar "You can drag and drop any row or content block to another position, give it a go." This is to help new users understand that they can drag and drop rows of content.

+ SALES FORECAST - a new icon to allow users to open the sales proposal / quote (PDF Version) to make it easier to view sales proposals / quotes when working on the sales forecast dashboard (bucket view)

+ NEW SOFTWARE PLUGIN - The travel itinerary plugins will provide integration to the Tramada mid-office system to allow QuoteCloud to be used to create sales proposals  / quotes with travel itineraries automatically generated from Tramada.


September 2020

+ SALES QUOTE DASHBOARD - The bulk update now allows you to set quote status to "lost", previous only the delete action was allowed.

+ SALES QUOTE DASHBOARD - A status filter that identifies the origin of a sales proposal /.quote (ie. created by a Sales Consultant, Created from an Email Campaign)

a) a new column called "Source" is available in the "Visible Columns" menu, values are "Email Campaign", "Sales Consultant"

b) default for the "Source" column on new accounts is not visible

c) default for the "Source" column existing accounts is not visible

+ SALES QUOTE EDITOR - Spreadsheet value can now be used in content and price table:

a) show cell values in a spreadsheet in a text block e.g. $VALUE{[SheetName]:E1}

b) set a price  in a price table row set from a cell value in a spreadsheet $value{[SheetName]:E1}

c) if the user deletes a spreadsheet any macros that they have added to a text block are invalidated with #ref

d) new option added to the "options" modal in price table, this will allow the sales consultant to set a price value to a spreadsheet cell value.

e) if price is set to a spreadsheet cell value, the price cannot be changed by the sales consultant within price table itself, they must use the spreadsheet or remove the reference to the spreadsheet for that price line item

f) if a price line item is set to a spreadsheet value, then;

i) if that sales consultant deletes the spreadsheet, the user cannot save and preview, or save until the error is resolved, scroll to first occurence of error highlighted in red dotted background and fix the reference to the removed spreadsheet

ii) if the value in the spreadsheet is not a numeric value,  the user cannot save and preview, or save until the error is resolved, scroll to first occurence of error and highlight in red  dotted background and fix the issue

iii) if the value on the spreadsheet becomes a non-numeric value, the user cannot save and preview, or save until the error is resolved, scroll to first occurence of error and highlight in red  dotted background and fix the issue

+ SALES QUOTE EDITOR - The sales consultant now has the option to password protect a sales proposal / quote, so when a customer receives a sales quote they need to type a password to open the document (both PDF and HTML formats).  To apply a password to a sales proposal, click the "...more" button (right navigation menu) and open "Document Settings"



i) New API that will trigger a sales proposal / quote from a website

ii) API cannot be triggered by unauthorised people, the API key is required to access an account to create sales proposals / quotes.

iii) the API needs to include all the items to create a quote, sales consultant, customer details, template to use (if not then blank) 

iv) if workflow is installed, and the sales consultant requires approval to send, the approval is still required.

Bug Fixes

+ fixed issue with popup blocker preventing quote editor, double campaign save notification fixed

+ Updated drag and drop behaviour for content libraries, to make it easier to drop an item, also highlights the "drop bar" with a rollover colour to improve user experience

+ Sales Quote Viewer/Editor - update to fix video null value causing view to fail

+ fix the google address lookup feature in the create sales proposal / quote wizard - this had stopped working after the previous major software update.

Update "set up my domain" to have a switch for:
1. "default email service" ( with the reply to address set as the sales consultants email address)
2. send from my email address (verification of email address required)
3. use my SMTP email Service
b) the option 2 above is now at sales consultant level not company level.
c) should option 3 be at sales consultant level, meaning all settings are at sales consultant level not at company level?


August 2020

+ CUSTOMER CONTACT HISTORY CONTROLLER - Send Sales Proposal / Quote - The send sales proposal / quote process now updates the customer notes feature to record the email content when a sales proposal is sent.  This email content can now be viewed in the "Consultant Notes/Contact history" feature from the sales quote dashboard.  This email content also appears in the Sales Quote Viewer (Comments Section) when the customer views the sales proposal

+ CUSTOMER ADDRESS BOOK - User Interface upgrade - the user interface has been improved for better management of customer records, including bulk selection of customers in the data table list to perform bulk actions

+ SAVE SALES QUOTE PROCESS - check the size of the sales proposal / quote versus the available space in local storage, to prevent failure in save process

+ EMAIL ALERTS - EMAIL SENT WHEN A COMMENT IS MADE - Make the labels Name; Email; Phone Number and Company bold

+ DEPRECIATED FEATURE - SALES QUOTE EDITOR - the create on behalf of feature is being depreciated, it will no longer be available in new customer accounts, if the option is switched of in existing customer accounts it cannot be switched on again.  The feature will be fully removed in a future release.

+ NEW -  EMAIL MARKETING PLUGIN - Think mailchimp... creating email marketing campaigns to send to customers and prospects - same features as Mailchimp but cheaper... and have the extra functionality of QuoteCloud as part of an email campaign.

+ NEW -  EMAIL MARKETING PLUGIN - create standard sales orders - builk send to customers, and let customers choose the qty to order e-sign / approve / even make payment...

+ NEW -  EMAIL MARKETING PLUGIN - sales orders received are created as accepted sales proposals / quotes on the sales proposal dashboard. 

+ NEW -  EMAIL MARKETING PLUGIN - Use the email plugin with QuoteCloud features or just as a stand alone email marketing tool... everything in one place.

+ SALES QUOTE VIEWER - New side menu bar in the sales proposal /quote viewer for improved navigation to features in the viewer.

+ SALES QUOTE VIEWER - New "...more" option added to the right menu column, this feature provides quick access to the following features:

a) View as PDF - view the sales proposal / quote in PDF format
b) Show Recipients - adjust the recipients for a sales proposal / quote
c) Page Settings - adjust the colour scheme, background page colour, show/hide section titles, show/hide tab navigation, show/hide table of contents, page orientation, headings and fonts, content margins and padding settings, tab navigation style setting, table formatting setting.
d) settings specific to this sales proposal / quote, this will override defaults from the sales proposal / quote template, or company defaults
e) Document Settings - show/hide the discussion and order now features
f) Cover Settings - quick access to the sales proposal / quote cover page settings; select the cover page image, adjust the sales proposal / quote title and subtitle
g) Cover Page-  for quick access to cover page options

+ SALES PROPOSAL DASHBOARD - Select multiple sales proposals /quotes for a bulk delete action. There is now a check-box column on the far left of the sales proposal / quote dashboard, this checkbox will allow sales consultants to select multiple sales proposals / quotes.  This same multi-select checkbox option is also available in the trash-bin feature, allowing the sales consultant to choose more than one sales proposal / quotes to restore from the trashbin in one go.

+ CREATE SALES QUOTE / SALES PROPOSAL WIZARD - The create sales proposal /quote wizard has been updated:

a) added easy access to public sales proposal / quote templates, options are now: blank sales proposal / quote; choose from the company templates; choose from the public library of sales proposal templates
b) new user interface design for the create sales proposal / quote process

+ BUG FIX - SALES PROPOSAL EDITOR - when using "design my own cover page" the customer can copy the data item names from a public sales proposal / quote template, however these data item names are not compatible and do not show on a sales proposals / quotes, this has now been fixed.

+ SALES PROPOSAL EDITOR -Drag and drop now available for all content blocks when creating and editing sales proposal / quote content, i.e. text, image, PDF, price tables, spreadsheets, videos, rows - click on the tab for any type of content block and drag it to another position.

+ SALES PROPOSAL EDITOR -Duplicate row feature now available in the sales proposal / quote editor to allow users to quickly copy content in a row

+ SALES PROPOSAL EDITOR -Price Table - the Summarise price rows has been enhaced to introduce a "Subtotal" version to this feature, instead of hiding the price rows below the "subtotal" option will display the subtotal of the price of the grouped price line items (same as the Summarise option) however it will still display the price line items below.

+ SALES PROPOSAL EDITOR -New "Copy Row" feature will allow users to copy the entire contents of a content row and paste to another existing row, new row, another sales proposal / quote or another sales proposal / quote section.

+ PRICING PLAN UPDATE - We are making QuoteCloud a free of charge service for individuals that create five (5) or less sales proposals / quotes a month

+ SALES FORECAST TOOL - The Sales Forecast tool now has a new type of "view", the "bucket view", this new user interface will show five buckets of confidence being "Very Doubtful", "Not Confident" "50/50", "Confident", "Verbal Approval", by default a new sales proposal / quote will start in the 50/50 bucket.  The sales consultant simply needs to drag each sales proposal / quote to the bucket that represents their confidence in winning that sales deal. They can also set the Forecast month when they think a win/loss result would be known.

+ COMPANY SETTINGS -  LABELS & MESSAGES CONTROLLER - minor UI update, category of labels (tabs) switched to be vertical 

+ COMPANY SETTINGS -  MESSAGES CONTROLLER - Google language translation has been implemented to this feature to automatically convert the English language based labels and messages to any supported language conversion by Google, pretty much every language in the world.

+ SALES PROPOSAL / SALES QUOTE EDITOR - youtube (video links) break the PDF if they have parameters on the link for example &rel=...

+ EDIT STYLES CONTROLLER -  - the "Heading 4" font settings has been added to this area, because the sales proposal / quote editor allows for Heading 4 but does not let you set the formatting for it.

+ SALES QUOTE EDITOR - Override Sales Proposal / Quote page style settings for a specific sales proposal.  Currently default font settings and colour schemes, etc can be set at company (account level), sales proposal template level.  Now you can set them for an individual sales proposal to overide the defaults from the company or sales proposal template.

+ SALES QUOTE VIEWER - two new tab navigation styles available for sales proposals, a defautl tab style can be set at company level, or within a sales propsal / quote template, or set for an individual sales proposal / quote.

+ LIVE CHAT plugin - we have implemented two popular live chat services, these can be activated from the "Extensions" area in QuoteCloud. 

+ SALES PROPOSAL / SALES QUOTE VIEWER- A new left column navigation bar has been implemented to allow for new features when customer view your sales proposals / quotes

a) Comments, with a timeline style for commentary between customers and sales consultants

b) Recipients, Lists tof he Recipients (Name and Email Address))

c) Forward - customer can forward the sales proposal / quote to another person.

d) View as PDF

+ BUG FIX - ESIGNATURE CONTROLLER - the esignature certificate does not render correctly (PDF Format) when the sales proposal / quote is in landscape orientation

Bug Fixes

+ SALES PROPOSAL / SALES QUOTE EDITOR - Send Quote Button missing if "team editing" is switched on

+ SALES PROPOSAL / SALES QUOTE EDITOR - Numeric Rouning improved to round decimal points when markup/discount & margins applied to sales proposals / quotes.

+ SALES PROPOSAL / SALES QUOTE VIEWER - If I have "comments" or "recipients" open, then click on "forward" but cancel the modal to leaves this empty white space

+ SYSTEM WIDE - Removed Lucene Indexing from all code to tune sysmte performance

+ SALES PROPOSAL / SALES QUOTE EDITOR - I attempted to drag an image from the image library to a sales proposal / quote, but it would not add the image, just created an empty row.

+ SALES PROPOSAL / SALES QUOTE DASHBOARD - The column sort feature stopped working

+ SALES PROPOSAL / SALES QUOTE DASHBOARD - the very left hand column is being cut off on the left hand side.

+ SALES PROPOSAL / SALES QUOTE EDITOR - Document Settings - The "Show Tabs" toggle switch is inconsistent (make green instead of red)


Feburary 2020 

+ SALES PROPOSAL / SALES QUOTE EDITOR - New feature in price table settings to allow the sales consultant to group repeating charges in a sales proposal / quote price table (or not).  Currently, repeating price line items are grouped seperately to one-off price lines, this does not suit all QuoteCloud users, so we plan to build the option to choose grouping or not.

+ SALES PROPOSAL / SALES QUOTE EDITOR - Update to the sales proposal / quote price table settings feature, these settings will now appear in a new popup window. There will also be a new feature to set your preference for grouping repeating costs (e.g. monthly, quartery, annual costs) or not.  Currently QuoteCloud will always group repeating cost line items below one-off price line items.  This new feature will let you decide if you want repeating cost price line items below one-off price line items, or left mixed with one-off line items.


Janurary 2020

+ SALES PROPOSAL / SALES QUOTE EDITOR - price tables can now handle prices with up to 4 decimal places, this feature is useful for organisations that need to have pricing below 1 cent/pence, etc for example if you sold 1000 minutes of talk time on a phone plan for 0.0067cents.

+ SALES PROPOSAL / SALES QUOTE EDITOR - Row and Columns feature in the sales proposal editor - split a row into columns for easy organisation of content blocks e.g. text, images, videos.

+ SALES PROPOSAL / SALES QUOTE EDITOR - new settings feature for content blocks (as well rows and columns) set - padding, margins, border, border radius, background colour, background images and more...

+ SALES PROPOSAL / SALES QUOTE EDITOR - add an image to general price row - currently price line images are available when adding products/services from the product catalogue in QuoteCloud, now you have the option to add images for adhoc price lines.

+ SALES PROPOSAL / SALES QUOTE EDITOR - Ability to optionally allow your customers to adjust the quantity to order in sales proposals / quotes before they accept and sales proposal / quote.

+ SALES PROPOSAL / SALES QUOTE EDITOR - Ability to set price lines as options - let your customer choose which option they want to purchase.  Price options can be set to multiple or single choice within a sub heading (group)

+ SALES PROPOSAL / SALES QUOTE EDITOR - new price table settings feature that configures a sales proposal price table to not show price line items in a sales proposal if the quantity of the line item is zero.  This will allow sales proposal template administrators to create a sales proposal price table template with many price line items preloaded.  When a sales consultant creates a sales proposal using this sales proposal template, sales consultants need only set a quantity for the price line item to appear in the sales proposal that is sent to a customer.  This feature will save time by avoiding the task of manually removing unwanted line items.  This suits businesses that prefer to create a standard price table of products/service line items in a sales proposal template.

+ SALES PROPOSAL / SALES QUOTE EDITOR - If your QuoteCloud account is configured to not allow Discounts, you will no longer see the Discount button in the price table editor, as no discounts can be assigned, previously the button displayed an empty drop down.

+ SALES PROPOSAL / SALES QUOTE VEWIER - there is a new column for "Total Recurring Price", this column appears when a repeating charge is applied to a price line item, for example a monthly charge.  This new column shows the total price i.e. Quantity x Price.

+ SALES PROPOSAL / SALES QUOTE EDITOR - a new option has been added to the Edit User Profile option in the Configuration menu. This switch will allow each user to decide when editing or creating new sales proposals, if they prefer the sales proposal editor opened in a new browser tab, or use the same tab as the sales proposal dashboard.

+ SALES PROPOSAL / SALES QUOTE EDITOR - The presentation of content blocks have been made "What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG)" to represent as closely as possible to the PDF and HTML view as the customer will see your sales proposal content.  This mainly applies to the page width (which is set to A4 for PDF, and the equivalent in Pixels for the HTML view).

+ SALES PROPOSAL / SALES QUOTE EDITOR / TEMPLATES - customise your cover page layout with the new custom cover page editor.  This great new tool lets you move away from the standard layout of information on sales proposal cover pages. You can now completely control the design of your own cover page content.

+ COVER PAGE LIBRARY - A new library of cover page background images is available with a new option to add these to your Cover Page Library.

+ CONTACT ADDRESS BOOK - usability improvement - the footer menu bar now sticks to the bottom of the page instead of scrolling off page when the number of contact displayed falls below the page fold.  This is now standard across all content libraries - products, images, spreadsheets, pdf;s, text blocks, telco libraries - phones, devices, addons.

+ SALES FORECAST TOOL - If your account is set-up to manage other sales consultants in QuoteCloud, you can now view and adjust the sales forecast data for all sales proposals within your team.  There is a new column filter for "Sales Team" and "Sales Consultant".  This feature will only appear if your user account is set-up to manage other Sales Consultants.

+ PDF CONTENT LIBRARY  - the ability to add sub-folders in the PDF library has been introduced, this will cater for those organisations that have very large PDF libraries for example those customers using the PDF library for product brochures/specification sheets, or safety information for products.  The QuoteCloud PDF library is very popular for embedding complex content layouts into sales proposals, especially for product specification pages

+ SALES PROPOSAL DASHBOARD - New left toolbar added to the left hand side of the sales proposal dashboard, this toolbar will contain quick access to the major components of the QuoteCloud system, such as Sales Proposal Dashboard, Inbox, Contacts, Integration, software extensions, help centre, etc

+ SALES PROPOSAL DASHBOARD - Inbox - a new feature, it is designed to make viewing messages very easy to access in one place. Messages in your inbox are comments from customers when reading sales proposals, as well as system notifications.  For ease of use, this new message Inbox is styled just like an email inbox, such as Outlook or Gmail, etc.

+ DATA USAGE REPORTING - Data storage analysis tool - this utility gives you an instant view of your storage usage versus your subscription plan. This tool now shows storage used for the Contracts & Plans (Telco) plugin software libraries (Mobile phones, phone system products, addons)

+ WORKFLOW PLUGIN - Discounted Sales Proposals - This plugin now gives the option for manager approval to be only triggered if a discount is applied to the sales proposal.

+ WORKFLOW PLUGIN - Automatic Follow-up emails to customers - A new feature has been added to this plugin that allows the sales consultant or system administrator to configure sales proposal reminders to be automatically sent to customers.  This feature is designed to increase sales conversion by automatically sending a reminder email if a customer has not opened a sales proposal after a defined number of days.  The reminders can also be sent after a defined number of days since the sales proposal was sent, and if the customer has not opened it recently.

+ WORKFLOW PLUGIN - CC Email Alerts - It is now possible to set email addresses for the Approval Even and Payment Event email alerts to be copied to other people, such as your finance/accounts department, so they are alerted when a sales proposal is approved or a customer makes a payment on a sales proposal (using the QuoteCloud Payments plugin)

+ SALES QUOTE - PDF FORMAT - the User Interface to configure the PDF Page Header and Footer for sales proposals, is due to be enhanced with new features two bring the editing more inline with how desktop tools like Word and Google Docs manager headers and footers.


November 2019

+ SALES PROPOSAL EDITOR - Update for sales proposal price table - the sales proposal price table was not showing the TOTAL COST column even though the hide/show switch was set to show the column.

+ SALES PROPOSAL DASHBOARD - Update to the sales proposal Notes function, to allow for a sales consultant to delete a note if required.

+ SALES PROPOSAL EDITOR - Improved the auto save function to work in more situations.


October 2019

+ E-SIGNATURES - Updated layout of e-signature certificate in sales proposals.

+ SALES PROPOSAL VIEWER - Fixed issue with embedded PDF's not rendering in the sales proposal viewer

+ SALES PROPOSAL EDITOR - Fixed profit calculation to account for discounts/margins and markups in sales proposals

+ SALES PROPOSAL DASHBOARD - Allow consultants to delete sales proposal notes

+ INTEGRATION - Add sales proposal PDF file URL for Zapier supported Apps

+ More descriptive client information is provided in the sales proposal discussion email.

+ CONTENT LIBRARIES - Issue causing content libraries not to render when corrupted data is detected is now patched.

+ ACCOUNT CONTROLLER - Activation button in registration email now easier to click on touch devices.

+ SALES PROPOSAL VIEWER - Fixed sales proposal pricing table issue where the summary row would be wider than the pricing table.

+ CONTENT LIBRARIES - Content library font reduced to allow more content to be viewed on screen without scrolling.

+ CONTENT LIBRARIES - UI enhancements - Content libraries now have fixed footer and allow internal scrolling.

+ SALES CONTRACT AND PLANS PLUGIN - Fixed issue with Plans and Contracts (Telco) plugin not saving data.

+ SALES PROPOSAL VIEWER - Fixed alignment of content in sales proposal cover pages (affected since last version only)

+ SALES CONTRACT AND PLANS PLUGIN - Changed layout of Plans and Contracts (Telco) plugin content libraries. Allowing more information to be viewed while editing.

+ PDF LIBRARY - Adding more vertical space to preview inside the PDF library.

+ SALES PROPOSAL EDITOR - Reduced height of toolbars inside the video editor and content libraries.

+ SALES PROPOSAL DASHBOARD - Updated Sales Proposal Notes area to a tabbed view to filter information.

+ SALES PROPOSAL EDITOR - Upgraded Froala Editor to version 3.0

+ UX - Minor UI/UX changes throughout the software application.

+ SALES PROPOSAL EDITOR - Add French and English support to CAD currency within sales proposals. 

+ INTEGRATION - URL for the sales proposal PDF version has been added to Zapier for integration to 3rd party systems

+ SALES PROPOSAL VIEWER - prevent unwated empty pages when embedding multiple PDF files in to a sales proposals

+ SALES PROPOSAL VIEWER - update to controller software that creates the sales proposals in PDF format - to stop characters being cut in half when a text block runs over two pages.

+ SALES PROPOSAL VIEWER - Fix for view mode of sales proposals (HTML/web version) not showing embedded PDF files (caused by the bulk PDF file uploader for the PDF library, not correctly creating the page image to display in the web version of sales proposals.  Now the software has a safeguard to check for page images that do not exist from a bulk PDF file upload.

New Features

+ SALES PROPOSAL TEMPLATES - Added support for selected Google Fonts and Asian fonts (can be seen Edit Style and Edit Templates function).

+ SALES PROPOSAL EDITOR - New Profit Margin and cost calculator within the Sales Proposal Editor: calculating the cost vs price of products including discounts.

+ SALES PROPOSAL EDITOR - New Total Monthly Costs column can now be added to the pricing table (Plans and Contracts -Telco plugin).

+ SALES PROPOSAL EDITOR - Added full screen mode when editing a spreadsheet.


August 2019

+ SALES PROPOSAL VIEWER - India Rupee currency display; the display of the Indian Rupee has been updated to the correct format.

+ SALES CONTRACTS AND PLANS PLUGIN - Release of the Contracts and Plans plugin is now available.  This new plugin contains special features for any organisation that sells service contract plans and products based on different monthly repayment plans.  This plugin is the perfect solution if you sell IT solutions, business phone systems, or mobile phone plans,etc.


May 2019

+ SALES PROPOSAL EDITOR -  a new improved sales proposal editor User Interface.  This update contains many updates to the user interface to improve speed and efficiency for Sales Consultants.  This update covers the following areas:

a) new design for accessing the content libraries

b) compacted the price table editor to allow more visual space when editing pricing data

c) the cover pages section (first section in a sales proposal) now provides a full preview of the cover page with settings avaiable through options on the right hand tool bar.


Feature 2019

+ SALES PROPOSAL VIEWER - Chinese, Japanese and Korean fonts now work in PDF's for QuoteCloud sales proposals.  Previously these characters only worked in the web view of a sales proposal.  Happy selling to our Chinese, Japanese and Korean fields :)

+ SALES PROPOSAL EDITOR - It is now possible to set the currency for a sales proposal -- in sales proposals and sales proposal templates. Previously the currency was set for for your entire QuoteCloud account and was single currency.  The default will be the currency set by your account, this can be overridden in a single sales proposal or set in the a sales proposal templates.  This feature will not be available if you have activated the QuoteCloud Payments plugin (we are working with the team at the Stripe Payment Gateway to upgrade our implementation of Stripe payments to allow for multi-Currency.  Stay tuned for updates on this Stripe upgrade!

+ SALES PROPOSAL CREATION WIZARD - Phone number has been added to the create sales proposal wizard.  this will allow you to record the customer's contact phone number for each sales proposal you create

+ SALES PROPOSAL EDITOR - the User interface for managing your content libraries (text, images, videos, spreadsheets, PDF's) has been completely overhauled to make it quicker and easier to manage your libraries.

+ SALES PROPOSAL TEMPLATES - The options that are available in the Edit Styles function (in the Configuration Menu of the user dashboard) are now available when creating Sales Proposal Templates.  This is useful if you want to vary a template from the system default settings in the Edit Styles function.


NOTE: Software release notes were first published on this website February 2019.